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Projects for funding


Winter Win Staking

LP Staking

Provide Liquidity to DNT/USDT pair and earn 2 interests in 1 move
Put your DNT/USDT tokens in a Pancake Swap Liquidity Pool for 30 days and watch them work for you, generating extra profits. Detailed

Safe Staking

Get rewarded for simply holding DNT token in your wallet
Create a new wallet and buy DNT tokens for 200 USDT on any DEX from it. Do not use tokens for 30 days to receive a reward. Detailed

How it Works

  • Choose the project
  • Become a part of community
  • State the amount of funding
  • Fund
  • Put the insurance pool in DNT
  • Overview the project performance
  • Receive payback
  • Collect interest
  • Pull up insurance

What is an Insurance Pool?

An insurance pool is a set of digital tokens (in our case, DNT) stored within a single smart contract. It can be compared to a bank account without a single owner that is governed and managed by the smart contract code’s specifications.

On the part of the user, participation in the insurance pool occurs through staking – depositing coins into the protocol. Users secure their assets in the protocol for the duration of their involvement in the project of your choice. Each project will have its own insurance pool to protect your assets as much as possible and increase revenue.


Charity is powerful

Along with investing in successful businesses and promoting new technologies through startups, our platform has a social goal of helping people in need. This section is for all caring and noble people. Let's help together!

Ways to join the platform

Community takes decisions that have an impact on the project's progress
Unprecedented access to investment projects in the real economy globally
Absolute data security and transparency of all blockchain-technology transactions
Insurance pool 5-15% (depending on the level of risk) as a hedge against risks
Lightning-fast settlements and low commissions
Low threshold for entering a project
Projects Owners
Decentralized community-ran platform for fundraising
Lower cost of capital compared to traditional alternatives
Unique algorithm for attracting strategic investors
Proprietary tools for borderless capital raise